Friday, March 28, 2014

Gardening 101

I might be a TAD behind, but the extra burst of cold kept me from starting my seeds. This year, I have 2 lovely assistants. Eager to learn, and best of all, play with dirt. What could be better as a kid? Your mom gives you a bucket full of dirt and a few spoons...the possibilities are endless!

First we gathered supplies. An old coffee can full of dirt, spoons, old egg cartons, and seeds.

Next, we filled the cartons with dirt. Malia did very well with this! Ella.....well, she kind of slung the dirt around. But that's ok!

Then we added seeds

Ella lost interest

Once we were done, I took them into the laundry room, watered them, and lined them up on the handy dandy new ledge david built!

Now, we wait :)


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