Friday, September 30, 2011

Shes a tough one!

Malia went outside with her daddy the other day and fell and skinned her knee. She got right up, without a fuss, and continued on with her business. Yep, shes an Anderson. Tough girls are made in this family!! No time for tears, shes got stuff to do!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Battle of the Bottle

There comes a time in every young child's life when they have to give up something they love dearly. Right now, for my little Malia, its the bottle. As she nears the ripe age of 2 in what seems faster than the speed of light (for mom and dad anyway) better to do it now, rather than later. I have read from many different sources, that the younger you do certain things, the easier it is. When you wait, they become more resilient and it becomes more of a challenge for you. Malia has been drinking from a cup with no problem for quite some time now. I believe I started with her around 8 or 9 months old. again, the earlier, the easier. So this is not a challenge in learning to use the cup, its phasing out the bottle that, at times, is a bit hard. we are down to one a day. just after nap time. Shes doing well with it really, but their are times, like this morning, that she has, I guess you could call them withdraws. But, my little Malia, this is what
we call "tough love." You can see from the pictures, she starts out just fine. drinking like a pro. until she decides she wants this milk from a BOTTLE. WAAAHHHH! but momma stays strong, lets her cry it out, and she moves on. Don't feed into the tantrums and they end a lot quicker than if you try to please right away. The bottle is no longer a necessity for her. It hasn't been for a while actually. So its time for her to grow up just a little bit more. As hard as it is, its the right thing to do. Don't baby them, you are only hurting them in the long run!! I'm starting to wonder if the next step for her is potty training? :) I think I will like that one!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A bag for bags!

 I had a friend at work ask me if I knew how to make plastic bag holders, to which I replied "no, but Ill figure it out!". Kinda funny how people snub their nose to my hobby of sewing, until they need something, then its the coolest thing ever.
anyway, she said shed pay me, to which I laughed. Im no professional, I said, I would feel guilty taking money from you. I told her to find some fabric she liked
and buy me some elastic and Id make it for her.
when I got home, I saw my pile of scrap fabric and thought Id just go ahead and make her one from what I had. She is always getting Malia little things here and there, I figured Id show my appreciation and just make her one.
They are a lot easier to make than I thought. These pics are from a second one I made for Holly. I like the alternating patterns. I got the pattern from the websight

These are nice and big to hold a lot of bags too! and of course pleasing to the eye!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Time to make a trip?

I need a fix.
With the holidays coming, i have lots of ideas for home made things!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Changes a brewin

Change. verb (used with object)
to make the form, nature, content, future course, etc., of (something) different from what it is or from what it would be if left alone: to change one's name; to change one's opinion; to change the course of history.
to transform or convert (usually followed by into ): The witch changed the prince into a toad.
to substitute another or others for; exchange for something else, usually of the same kind: She changed her shoes when she got home from the office.
to give and take reciprocally; interchange: to change places with someone.
to transfer from one (conveyance) to another: You'll have to change planes in Chicago.
Change for me is usually a bit scary. Not extremely, but it just makes me hesitant. I guess its more the fear of the unknown. even when its for the better.
Last Wednesday David called me from work very excited, shooting out a bunch of sentences all at once as i was trying to wake up. I didn't know WHAT he was trying to say here. You know how it is when you were in a dead sleep, it take you a few seconds to come to, and process...
Turns out, The store that David works at had my position open up. Now, I know Im notorious for complaining about my job, my store, the lazy people etc... but I really love the store i work at. (its a love hate thing i guess you could say). I have been there since it opened. My department has been "mine" from the start. no one to mess it up. The thing with my store is, its a 30 minute drive at 3:30 am with no traffic, and 45 min. in the afternoon with buses and slow drivers. (dont get me started on the slow drivers!!)
It makes since for me to go to Davids store with gas being sky high and no real end in sight, I spend on average $200 a month just to get there.
After much thought, weighing the pros and cons, Davids store won out. So, I got to work, broke the news to my bosses (they were not too happy) and posted. Then the waiting game began. My biggest hurdle was weather or not they wanted David and I at the same store. Turns out they could care less. I got the job. YAY! but i am truly sad. I will miss my Davidson location. Im nervous about starting somewhere new. maybe it sounds silly, its just a grocery store. Im a creature of routine. I have had the same steady routine for 5 years.
But, its time to mix it up a bit! no more getting up at 2:30 am. it will take me no more than 10 minutes to get to work. THAT I AM excited about! I will also have SUNDAYS off! I have NEVER had Sundays off for a regular schedule. EVER! its exciting.
So, Cheers to change...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


My apologies to my few readers for the lack in blogging...I have no excuse. Sometimes the evenings get the better of me and I like to veg out on the couch and just relax. I need a laptop so I can veg AND blog :) maybe one day...

Kale Chips

 Kale. Known as a super food by some. I never really tried it until I heard of this super simple recipe that, in my opinion is simply delicious.
All you do is wash your kale, remove the stalk, chop it up, throw it in the oven until its crisp (about 15 minutes). season with what you like, but I find salt to do the trick.
And here is the result...
Deliciously crisp, flavorful, HEALTHY kale! YUM! :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

For years ago today

4 years ago today David and I were in beautiful Hawaii enjoying the tropics, and best of all, getting married! Its hard to believe its been 4 years! But then again it feels like we have always been together! and I mean that in the best of ways! David and I are so blessed to have each other! we get along so well, never fight, hardly argue. Its a good feeling knowing I have him by my side! He is a wonderful Husband and dad! Cheers to 4 years my love! and many, many more to come!!

Never forget

10 years ago on this day I was in my senior year of High school, sitting in, of all classes, US history. We were in the middle of a lecture of sorts when the principal came over the intercom saying that their had been a terrible accident in NY, that a plane had hit the world trade center. He instructed the teachers to turn the TV on in all classes. So we as a class sat and watched the coverage. That's when we saw the second plane hit. It was like watching a movie. so surreal. about an hour or so later the principal came back on the intercom saying that this was a terrorist attack and they were letting school out early in fear of more attacks. I will never forget that day.
Its hard to believe its been 10 years...

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Here you can see Malia inspecting her new collection of shoes sent from her Gramma in Ohio. Turns out my mom came across a steal of a deal and got us a LARGE box PACKED with clothes and shoes for the little one all for ONLY $5!! AWESOME!!! most of these shoes will be worn during the winter. she has a little growing to do yet. She approves of the collection.  Shes already starting a love for shoes at such a young age! she brings them to me and says "shio momma". Maybe shes been hanging out with her aunt Holly too much ;)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Garden Baby

Today Malia and I took a trip around the yard, through the garden, to the mailbox, and back to the house. Doesn't seem like much, but with tiny legs making lots of big steps, she was sweating in no time! She enjoyed our trip to the garden! this is the first time Ive had her walking around out there with me! she kept pointing at the tomatoes and saying "apple!" very proudly! We didn't get ate up by mosquito's on our trip because we were properly  fitted with repellent!

Here you can see her checking out a tomato plant. she was smelling them and saying "*snifffff* mmmm ah"
She loves to be outside. I had to coax her back in the house. but I have found that letting her do things herself, she has a lot less resistance. she doesn't want to be carried much anymore. Shes growing so fast...

Thursday, September 1, 2011

busy busy bees

Ive been slacking on the blog this week :( But I am happy to report that David, Malia and I have knocked out a large amount of cleaning at the rental. just a smidge more, then we will be putting it up for rent! We did finally get local phone numbers! we figured after all the stuff we are trying to do...locally....we might need a, well, local number! so cheers to 704, and so long to 828!