Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A bag for bags!

 I had a friend at work ask me if I knew how to make plastic bag holders, to which I replied "no, but Ill figure it out!". Kinda funny how people snub their nose to my hobby of sewing, until they need something, then its the coolest thing ever.
anyway, she said shed pay me, to which I laughed. Im no professional, I said, I would feel guilty taking money from you. I told her to find some fabric she liked
and buy me some elastic and Id make it for her.
when I got home, I saw my pile of scrap fabric and thought Id just go ahead and make her one from what I had. She is always getting Malia little things here and there, I figured Id show my appreciation and just make her one.
They are a lot easier to make than I thought. These pics are from a second one I made for Holly. I like the alternating patterns. I got the pattern from the websight

These are nice and big to hold a lot of bags too! and of course pleasing to the eye!

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