Monday, September 12, 2011

Never forget

10 years ago on this day I was in my senior year of High school, sitting in, of all classes, US history. We were in the middle of a lecture of sorts when the principal came over the intercom saying that their had been a terrible accident in NY, that a plane had hit the world trade center. He instructed the teachers to turn the TV on in all classes. So we as a class sat and watched the coverage. That's when we saw the second plane hit. It was like watching a movie. so surreal. about an hour or so later the principal came back on the intercom saying that this was a terrorist attack and they were letting school out early in fear of more attacks. I will never forget that day.
Its hard to believe its been 10 years...


  1. it is hard to believe. That day changed a lot of things in the world. it's hard to put many of the feelings I had that day into words. I remember how still and quiet everything was that night, no planes in the air, no people on the streets, Doug and I went for a walk together that night for a break from all the coverage on TV and it was eery.

  2. Im with you there. all the life lost. hard to wrap your head around it. still. Last night david and I watched a documentary that was on tv, this guy was filming a newbe firefighter and his journey and just so happened to be filming THAT day. it was so scary to hear and see it all go down from the very spot. it went from america to third world in a matter of seconds. crazy.