Saturday, December 10, 2011


These days, malia has taken a liking to magnets. Seeing where they stick, where they don't. Such an amazing thing these magnets! Well, today on my way out to get Barkley, I noticed these magnets (her favorite ones) sticking all together to this one little nail! I was impressed that she found and figured  this out! She's a smart little booger!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Something's off....

Can you spot what is off in this picture? Probably so, but if you can't I'll give you a's round, and blue and most certainly doesn't belong in the tree!..........

if you hadn't guessed, it's mr. Barkleys beloved ball. Little miss malia thought it would be funny to put it on the tree. She puts it on there and then laughs at Barkley while he stands at attention waiting for someone to get his ball. He knows better than to mess in the tree! I think I need to start having bullying conversations with malia! She's been trying to play with him a lot more is quite entertaining!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Ant bites

          Last week at our thanksgiving get together, David had taken malia outside for a little play time. Now a days, she enjoys playing in dirt. Only thing is, this time the dirt ended up being a red ant hill! Once she started playing, they started biting :( David quickly picked her up and dusted those mean ol ants off. She ended up with a few bites in the end. Now over a week her little toes are swollen and red. The ones on her hands are just about gone...not sure why her little tootsies  are taking so long.
      In these pictures, I had applied a little homemade remedy made by grammy Anderson that is quickly taking the swelling and redness away. (this stuff really works on mosquito bits too!!)

  Being the tough Anderson female she is, while mommy is concerned with her tootsies, all she cares about is sucking down her appagash! I don't think she even knows they are there! That's my little tough girl!