Sunday, October 23, 2011

A hobby=Therapy!

The other day David had to make a quick trip to Harbor Freight to get some type of tool, or supply or....something, I cant really remember! I decided Malia and I would ride along so I could stop in Hancocks to check out fabric, ya know, see if anything caught my eye! They were having a 50% off sale! SO i picked up some fabric! I had seen this bag pattern online a while back and had been wanting to make it! SO, with my new fabric, I did just that! I LOVE this bag! its a "metro bag" AND best of all, its reversible so its like two bags in one. I have had the same purse for about 3 or 4 years now, it was time for a new one! yay! My fun hobby doubles as shopping therapy! It was pretty easy to make! even better right?! Below is just a pic of a little mess up :( I thought i got all the seems in there tight. turns out i didnt. no worries though. you cant even see it unless i point it out. gives it character! On to the next project!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

winter clothes.....extravaganza?

With the weather getting cooler, it was time for me to pull out my bin of warm clothes. We have just started this trend. We have a small house with small closets and just not enough room for everything. So, I got out my bin and set it in the house so i could go through it and wash them so they are fresh and ready to go...

I leave for 2 seconds, i think to start dinner. It seems Malia really needed this bin the create a fort for herself. In the pic below you can barely spot her little leg amongst the mess of clothes.
Here is a peak inside her new found "fort" of sorts. She didn't want me intruding on her. but I snuck a pic real quick ;) It is a mess, but I don't mind too much. There is no harm in her having a little fun!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Apples, apples and MORE apples!

 On my way home from work the other day, I stopped in at my favorite little farm store (Im really going to miss stopping in there often when I move stores) to get Malia some milk. I asked if they had apple sauce there and the lady said No, but it was really easy to make. I told her about how it is Malias favorite desert! She then told me that they were selling BOXES of apples for $20! and, like the tomatoes I bought earlier, the box is PACKED! so, I got a box. It is a mix of golden delicious and golden ginger apples. I have never made apple sauce before, but to my surprise it was VERY easy to make. Its almost a shame I haven't done it sooner. Just peel, chop, simmer, smash, EAT! I added a little cinnamon because I love cinnamon with apples. David said it tastes like apple pie! Malia enjoyed it! she said " OOOOOOOh, WOW! APPA GASH!" like she always does when she gets it! With a whole box of apples on hand, there will be lots of apple sauce made in the weeks to come!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I love this picture! Yesterday David was doing some yard work and Malia and I were outside taking in the beautiful day. That was, until Daddy brought out the leaf blower! when Malia heard it fire up she ran to momma for cover! with momma, she is safe!

Monday, October 3, 2011

warm tootsies

Its getting chilly out again! I love it!! With that in mind, and Malia being a walker this year, it was time to get her some warm slippers! We need to shield those tender toes from the cool wood floors in the winter! You can see here she quite likes them!
and here is a closer look. They are sock-like so's not to fall off easily with nice grippers on the bottom. Shes armed and ready for the cold!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

a rare event...

Sunday, October 2nd. 2011.......Wait, did I say Sunday? David and I, off? together? on a SUNDAY??? with no big plans?? what?

You see, we work in retail. A business where weekends do not exist. But today was a rare moment of time! Knowing this, I splurged on some yummy doughnuts to enjoy together with our morning coffee! yum! unfortunately, I do have to work third tonight for a big store walk tomorrow morning. eh, oh well! gotta take the good with the bad :)