Monday, March 17, 2014

Story time

It's official, I'm a stay-at-home momma! Something David and I have been aiming for since Malia was born. All our hard work has paid off and we are able to do this. I'm so thankful and blessed with this opportunity to be with my little ladies daily! I would say "I'll miss harris teeter", but they made it very easy to leave! I've been part times for a while now, so I've really eased into being home 100%. It's very different from working a day job. I've been used to hard physical work for so long, adjusting to a highly mental job, and feeling like I'm getting things accomplished has been a little hard to grasp, but I'm getting there! I love being home!

You've all heard me say it probably a million times! I can't help it, it's hard not to brag on your kiddos! Ella LOVES books. Malia loves them too, but if Malia has a choice of books, or blocks in front of her, you better believe she's going for the blocks. She's quite the builder. But, Ella. You put any number of toys in front of her and she will go for the books every time. Maybe it's her age, but I need to nurture her fascination! Here she is sitting in her rocking chair in her room reading book after book. In Ella language of course. Her favorite book is "brown bear brown bear".

(Please excuse the movement of the video, Malia was leaning into me)

Here is a quick clip of her for your viewing pleasure!


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