Saturday, March 22, 2014

Discovering discovery place

Oh man! What a day! My girlfriend and I planned a whole fun filled day for us and our kids yesterday! And, it was just that! Fun, and FILLED! We planned on meeting up at discovery place, letting the kids have at it, then back to our place for din. Doesn't sound like much, but have you been to discovery place? With 3 kids under the age of 4???? Yikes.

It started out with me mistaking discovery place with discovery place kids. What's the difference you ask? Well, discovery place is in charlotte, discovery place KIDS is in HUNTERSVILLE. UGH. The girls and I got to huntersville and waited. And waited and waited and waited....then tried to find Rachel while on the phone. We were on the same floor, in front of an elevator, just in 2 different cities! HA! Once I realized my massive brain fart, I re-loaded the girls in the car (a job in its self) and went the extra miles down to CLT. Thankfully, traffic wasn't bad at all. Another added bonus, Rachel got us in for free with her membership! YAY!

Now, I don't have the greatest photos. Malia was running around like a rabid animal, and Ella was scared of the 10 million kids in there. There had to have been 15 field trips going on!

Here we have Malia at a large water table. It was really neat. (I didn't get a photo of the whole thing...I'm funny about taking pictures with other peoples kids in it, maybe they don't want their kid in my pic!)


This was like a giant light bright! It was so neat! Both girls liked it!

On to the aquarium. Ella was particularly excited about this. High pitched squealing, pointing, ooh' s and aww's!

Jellyfish. This is Eli with Malia, Rachel's son. He is 5 months younger than Malia. They had a lot of fun together!

Giant chalk board. Isn't that cat Ella drew amazing? HA! Jk, it was already there.

This was really neat! The long tube had forced air, all the paper on the ground you pick up, put it in the tube and it flys up and out the top, making it rain paper!

Finally, the kids were near their end. All fussing, grouchy etc. so it was time to go. It was fun. And ehausting! Time to head back to concord to relax a bit. In the near future, I will take the girls to discovery place kids :)


And, hey! How about that sunshine!!


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