Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cold enough to build an igloo

Well, maybe not THAT cold, certainly don't have any snow for one. But seriously, I want a 70 degree SUNNY day. This cold gloom feels like the beginning of January, and I'm not one for moving backwards!

So what's up with this so called "igloo"? Well, some of you might remember Malia getting a "construction fort kit" from uncle Joel and aunt heather for Christmas. Being that it was yet another rainy cold day, we had to figure out a way to make the indoor a bit more exciting. Malia suggested we get out her fort kit. In addition to building with blocks and Legos, she is also rather passionate about forts and tents. Seriously, passionate! So, the building began. Forgive me for forgetting to take pictures of the process. I always think about it after the fact.

Here are the bare bones. As you can see, Malia is setting up a nap time mat. She's sleeping in here as we speak. This was fairly easy and fun to do! Even for me! (I did build this around myself....getting out was a challenge! Oops)

Walls and a ceiling in the form of sheets and a blanket were used to enclose the igloo.


Thanks for doing all the work mom, but this is a sisters only igloo....get out!

Another rainy day sucess.


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