Thursday, April 3, 2014

Picnic in the park

It's finally warm! It's like summer got tired of spring playing games, so it's proving a point! I'm ok with that.

So yesterday I packed a lunch for my girls and me and headed to the park. We ate first, per Malias request.

Some delicious peanut butter and honey sandwiches and apples. Then they were off to play.

Surprisingly, they played together! Usually they go their own ways.

Malia decided she wanted to pick flowers, so we went on a nice walk. (And by walk I mean 5% walking and 95% stopping to dig, pick EVERY flower (dandelion, which Malia thinks are sun flowers) EVERY stick or rock or leaf on the face of the earth!)


Ella found her very own sewer cap! I think she thought it was a stage just for her. She ran over to it, stepped on it, and proudly, with arms out to her sides said "TADA!!"

A water break for these hard working scavengers!

But not for long. They spotted rocks. Lots and lots of rocks. But, it was time to head back. Nap time was looming, and my children are evil when they are tired. So off we went...

They were tired! They needed a little rest....

Ella's impromptu yoga sequence...?

Now, Malias not one for telling me she's tired....ever. When we got home she expressed her extreme fatigue and quickly shuffled to bed!

After a nice afternoon nap, we went back out to enjoy the beautiful weather. It was so warm, we were able to dust off the sprinkler!

Thank God for warm weather!


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  1. Tell Ella I love her version of baby yoga!!!