Saturday, April 19, 2014

3 thumbs thinking green

I'm not the best gardener. I don't have that natural instinct, that green thumb most are born with. I never grew up gardening, or having any real hands on knowledge of it. It's something I always wanted to do, green thumb or not. I've had many veggie gardens over the years now, and I'm still learning. The girls and I had planted some seeds a few weeks ago. All we reaped from them were sugar peas. A lack of water and an abundance of birds had a hand (I'll take the blame here though!) in the unsuccessful seeds.

So, on to my familiar "plan B" which involves a nice trip to lowes to buy plants that someone else successfully started from seeds :) I'll get this seed thing down eventually. At least we got the sugar peas!!

The garden had been mostly prepped a while ago, so now I just needed to add the plants.

Years past I had a hard time planning, ended up putting things here and there with no real flow. THIS year, I did more research. I have every thing planted in pretty little rows, making up keep and harvesting easier.

I had my lovely assistants with me, of course!

While digging I saw quite a few worms. Malia and Ella enjoyed finding them.

I did my research this year and made sure I had each plant placed next to a friend. Plants that help each other. It's neat how that works!

Hard to tell from the picture, but the whole garden is nicely filled and organized! From the bottom to the top we have: sugar peas, cucumbers, 3 rows of tomatoes (2 rows of 3 plants for large tomatoes and one row with 2 cherry tomato plants, all have basil planted between making for 5 basil plants) a row with green pepper, 3 eggplants, jalapeƱo pepper, and Cheyenne pepper, a row of okra, a row of yellow squash, a row zucchini, and then the small side of the garden has watermelon. I also tucked some salad mix in.

Malia did a lovely job watering the plants...even blew them kisses and encouraged them to give us a lot of veggies!

Ella was over it. Thankfully she let me finish up before the rain came ;)


Here to hoping I got something right this year!


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  1. How fun. I hope you get lots of veggies. I know Malia's encouragement to the plants will go a long way. :)