Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Thinking ahead...

To the beach that is! Coming up on the heals of May, I figured it was about time to make out beach chain. A new tradition we started last year. Malia will ask me every. Single. Day. Until we go "when are we going to the beach mommy?" "Are we going to the beach this day?" So I figure a chain will help her understand. It's a way to teach counting, time frame, and today from tomorrow. Obviously, each link represents a day.

I gathered the supplies and 2 little helpers

They weren't much help, but they were cute. Here I have all the paper cut and ready to go. 80 days in all plus a few extra. Ya never know when the mood might strike one of the girls and they want to tear one up or run off with a hand full. Always be prepared.

It's hung and ready for the days to be snipped. I believe I started this a tad earlier than I did last year, or I hung it differently. Who knows. Looks like a LOT! But we get a little closer each day!

And of course, it's complete with a beach scene! This year Malia added us to it. David has the shovel of course, Malia and Ella look like pirates, and I have MASSIVE hands! Ha! Cute.

Woohoo! Can't wait to have my toes in the sand!


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  1. I love how she draws legs and arms coming out of your heads. lololol. So cute.