Saturday, April 19, 2014

Mosaic frames

I recently subscribed to a blog called "play at home moms". It was suggested to me by Facebook (strange how Facebook knows what I might be interested in...) anyway, it is a really great blog focusing on kids play, getting parents to let go of their tight grip on their adult hood and be with and play with your kids. They get one child hood, why not make it fun, memorable, and enjoyable not only for them, but for YOU! I love it.

Anyway, I got this craft idea from this blog. Mosaic frames you can hang in the windows. It was so cheap and fun. I got everything (except the mod podge which I had from other projects) from family dollar.

The frames were $1, the beads, or marbles were $1 for a small bag, $2 for a larger bag. In all I spent $10.

I took the backs out of the frames and poured the mod podge on inside.


Next I let the girls put the marbles (stones....what are these things? Haha!) all over the farms to their hearts desire! (They are naked because they had just come in from playing in the rain)


Giving them a preview of what the stones will look like when the light hits them


Once the mod podge dries in 100 years, they will be really pretty hanging in the windows! The blog noted that this is also good for sensory play, once the mod podge dries, the kids can feel the bumpy textures of the stones. It's suggested to hang these backwards so they hang flush with the windows. I have enough stones left over to do 6 more! Don't be surprised if you see these as gifts ;)


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