Friday, August 5, 2011


So, the other day as I was getting ready for work, I was looking all around for a pair of earing. I dont have a jewelry box, I have a BAG that I keep it all in. This short term solution was quickly becoming a headache! My necklaces were getting knots, my earings were saperated and hung up on get the picture...

I went online the other day to look up a pattern for a jewlery holder. Since I love to sew, I thought Id throw something together. While i was searching, i came across this nifty little idea!
A jewlery holder made form a picture frame!

I thought since i dont have a lot of art on my walls, what a nice way to incorperate color, and  necessary storage!
So I got to it. We have a lot of old frams we dont use, so i got one, spray painted it black and waited for it to dry. in the meantime i stapeled some pretty fabric to the existing cardboard that was alreadyin the frame. Once the frame was dry, i added screen to hold the jewelry and had fun with gorilla glue (yuck, that stuff STICKS!!) and...

                                                               A jewelry holder!

Im now inspired to repurpose things!  Watchout David!! I know where your spray paint is!

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