Sunday, August 28, 2011

Clean eating...

Ive been eating like crap lately. ugh. I was really doing very well before our beach trip, and now...not so much. So, I need to regroup, pull myself together and say goodbye to junk food and "way too much fat" dinners. It is time to re-read the eat clean diet book. I could never be a hardcore eat clean dieter...Life is too short not to enjoy all the wonderful flavors, I more or less use it as a guide line. The first week will be the worst. I crave everything bad. once I get past that, Ill be ok! heh, its like drugs really.
My BIG problem is, I have a HUGE sweet tooth. I never was really THAT bad, but after I had Malia, I just cant shake this sever craving for sweets. strange huh?
So, good luck to me! back the the path of healthy eating :)

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