Friday, August 26, 2011

Mommas helper

This here is my little Malia helping me in the kitchen. She has found that if she pushes the little green stool, kept in the dining room, into the kitchen, she is able to climb up to see what all the fuss is on the counter, in the sink etc...This is now her new thing she loves to do. whether I am doing to dishes, making lunch or dinner, she likes to try an help me! In this particular picture, she is picking at the egg salad I had made (from the eggs in a previous post). she is a true Anderson.

And here you can see her wearing my apron. Its just a few sizes too big so I adjusted it to fit her! its wrapped around a few times as you can see! Next is a chore list Malia! you better watch out!


  1. cutie pie!!! gets me all excited about our little one coming ;)

  2. They are so much fun :)