Friday, August 19, 2011

Mommas big girl

Well, yes it has been a few days...Ill admit I've already fallen off the ban waggon. oh well. I'm still trying. I figure I don't need to blog everyday anyway. the past week had been yet another busy one. the times I would actually be able to blog, I was too tired, hadn't taken any photos, or just plain didn't have anything to blog about.
Today's blog is about my beautiful baby girl :) today is my day off so we had the morning together. David has the most mornings with her do to work schedules.
For breakfast I made her scrambled eggs with jelly toast. shes becoming quite the big girl. I'm trying to focus on less bottles and more cups...less chunks of food and more "kid" size food. Shes growing up so fast its almost hard to keep up with all the changes. As she gets older, so do her wants and desires. Instead of cutting up her toast into little chunks like normal, i just halved the toast. She LOVED it. too funny how its so visual for her. You have to change up the norm some times to keep her interested. So she ate her toast and eggs and had a nice CUP of milk :) a very proud momma I was. The goal for today....1 bottle. we can do it!! 

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