Saturday, August 6, 2011


Remember when VHS was a big deal? When only the rich kids had VCRs? I know I do! Ill never forget when we got our VCR player. I was very young, living in Ohio with my mom and stepdad when on a whim, while shopping at walmart my stepdad said "why dont we splurge and get a VCR?" back then it was like saying "lets get an Ipad!". Along with the VCR my they let ME pick out a movie! what a job!! I was so excited i could hardly contain myself! It was at the time when Beauty and the Beast had hit the shelf, so naturally I chose IT!
For a few weeks straight thats all we watched! I could recite the movie from memory. Good memories!

  The other day the hubby and I (along with Malia, Holly and Rose) went to one of (mostly my husbands) favorite stores, Habitat. We dont go that often because the good one is a bit of a drive for us.
On this trip I ran across ALL these VHS tapes for .50! I couldnt believe it! I mean, I know DVDs are definitely the thing now a days, and VHS doesnt have near the quality, but to ME the movies are still the same! we got 12 movies for 6 bucks! cant beat that! I cant wait to watch them with my little one!

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