Friday, November 25, 2011

A naked turkey

This turkey looks delicious! The skin so perfectly seasoned, crisp to perfection. Oh I couldn't wait for a little piece! The culprit: violet. She goes to Nate begging for a little taste of the skin to which he gives a stern "NO". But violet wasn't going to give up so easy..after a lot more begging, Nate mistakenly says "ask holly". Now, I know holly, the queen of all pickers. This was an obvious answer was like flys on poop. They all huddled over that turkey like it was their last meal.
I turn around and that once beautiful bird had been striped of all it's skin. Not even a moral left. This poor bird was just sitting there naked. What a shame. I was really looking forward to some of it. 
Well, at least we had a bunch of other delicious food that hadn't been picked upon. Skin or no skin, the meal was oh so delicious.i stuffed myself silly. We all had a good time hanging with each other and giving thanks. We missed you Woody, Doug, Ria, Levi, and Audrey! I hope halls was just. Good :) 
And now, the Christmas season has begun!!

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  1. we missed y'all too! What a pretty bird, at least you got a good photo before it was stripped of the last shreds of its dignity. Look at that table loaded down with food! MMMM!