Friday, November 4, 2011


Listen...I get that everyone wants to save money when they shop, and coupons help you do just that. Thats great, good for you blah blah blah. I just have to wonder, and I know I ask this question quite a bit, just HOW much money are you saving IF you are buying  things you wouldnt normally buy had you not had that coupon in the first place? yes, i work in a grocery store, and yes we have these rediculous weeks of crazy coupon deals, BUT I cant wrap my head around these crazy, YES crazy coupon people. They come in with their baseball card BOOK of coupons and go nutz!! They get SO mad when you dont have more product. DONT you realize that YOU are not the only one doing this coupon thing?? I dont mean to complain, but really, its getting out of hand. Its turning people into horders! (just my opinion) not only that, but its rare for their to be a coupon on ANYTHING healthy, unless its a vitamin. Its greedy to come in to the store and buy 12 febreez cans when you dont need 12 of them and then the person who comes behind you just wanted one and cant get one because you just bought a year supply for no really makes my head hurt! It brings out the worst in people! myself included :) In case you were wondering, its one of those coupon weeks...thanks for letting me get that off my chest ;)

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