Sunday, November 6, 2011

An artist in the making

Its my day off! yay! I was supposed to go with David to get my concealed weapons permit, but with ridiculous work scheduling for him, we both couldn't go :( I opted to stay behind with the little one. Hes the one going to get the rent most of the time anyways! I WILL get mine in the future! So, it was Just little Malia and I today.  
I decided she needed a little art outlet, so I pulled out the freezer paper since one side is good paper, the tape and Markers. I taped the paper to the coffee table, pulled the top off the markers and gave Malia the green light! She looked at me a little funny since shes not to have markers, and momma and daddy take them from her if shes seen with them! Off she went! she loved every last minute of it. of course I dont know a kid who wouldnt!! She started trying to draw on her hand. not to fear! these are non toxic markers. although, I didnt let her go crazy! it all wiped right off her little hands. Her brother Barkley is keeping a close eye on her. (so am I! I dont think those non toxic markers are non staining!)

She made some Beautiful art! we will be doing this more often!

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