Saturday, November 5, 2011

butternut squash pasta

I meant to blog on this a week ago! oh well! Winter squash was on sale last week so i picked up a few! I love Butternut squash! mmmm. its so sweet and delicious! I wanted to do something different with it so I looked up some recipes and found this one on
Its Sage butternut squash pasta. It was SOOOOO yummy!! very savory and sweet. and really easy to make...time consuming though :) I suggest this recipe if you are looking to cook up some winter squash!
Happy cooking!

I didnt have bowtie pasta so I sued penne instead!

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  1. I lve that website! We hade butternut squash this week, too. I made a tart with it, it is hard to cut up, and the recipe called for grating it, too. Thank goodness for the food processer! I'll have to try this recipe, it looks tasty!