Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Taco night

It's been nice out lately! It's nice to see spring coming around. I need to get out in the garden before its too late! It's a little hard to do with 2 kiddos ;) ill get around to it at some point!

Tonight I made some rather delicious tacos. Still going the vegan route this was hard because what's Mexican food without sour cream and cheese?!?! But I faired ok I think!

Above is a Mexican corn salad. It consists of corn, cucumber, tomato, red bell pepper, garlic, cilantro, rice and white vinegar. It's really good. Very flavorful and bright! I really like it.

For the tacos I made beans in the crock pot, then used corn tortillas, put them in a pan with coconut oil, put some beans on the tortilla, folded it in half, let it cook a few then flipped. Added salsa and avocado to the inside. Delicious! (Coconut oil is becoming a staple for me! It really makes everything so delicious!!) I did miss the sour cream and cheese, but I think I'll be ok! (I got these recipes on the 21 day vegan kick start app!)


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  1. what colorful salad! Trader Joes has a vegan sour cream/cream cheesey like spread that would prob be good on tacos. I'll try to remember to bring yall some next time Im down that way.