Friday, January 27, 2012

Making of the bread

 Here I am again!! I've been slacking on blogging :( I've been kind of up and down with motivation lately. One day I'm going crazy "nesting" and the next all I want to do is curl up on the couch and do absolutely nothing....that is quite impossible though with a toddler! I'll blame my lack of motivation on the little anderson jellybean I'm growing :)

I have been making some delicious loaves of bread lately! In an attempt to get started on one of the things on my list (make all the bread in my bread bible!) 

above is a Vienna loaf. It was so delicious! Very light and airy, with a sesame seed crust. Made for a great sandwich. It begins with a starter so it's sourdough-ish. 

Here you see a whole wheat loaf. I believe this would have been very good if I had cooked it completely! I thought it was done, but to my surprise it wasn't  :( we couldn't finish it. There is nothing worse than under cooked bread!!I'll try it again though. Wheat flour is a lot more dense and requires a little more cook time. 


 And here you see a loaf of white mountain bread. I've made this before. It is one of my favorites. Made with milk and honey, it is oh so delicious. From crust to crust, you savor every morsel! 

I think I'm running low on bread making materials so I'm not sure when I will make more. Time for more flour, and maybe some special ingredients for different types of bread. 

I love baking bread! The smell is like none other. 


My apologies for the poor lighting in the photos. I'm trying to figure out how to fix this as my house offers little natural light....any suggestions?



  1. That bread looks so good!!! Shoot me a link to the book your getting these recipes out of. I love making bread and plan on making more once we leave Germany and don't have such cheap and easy access to fresh bakeries.

    As for your lighting if your using that Nikon it should have flash settings that put out light a little longer or brighter that can be manually adjusted. If not i'm sure you can buy a better flash for it or even a remote flash if you want to get fancy. Keep up the good work and we miss you guy.
    take care,

  2. beautiful bread. love the golden crusts. I have had problems from time to time with not-quite-cooked enough bread. Doug used to work in the old salem bakery in Old Salem, and he said if you thump the bottom of the loaf and it sounds hollow, that is a very good indication that it won't be too wet. I've tried it and it seems to work, but with my "skill" for burning myself, I have to use that technic with care. :-)

    As far as photos go, my nikon's lens has a pretty good auto stabilizer filter on it, does yours have that? If you have that turned on, that might help. I set my camera on a can or other makeshift "tripod" if there isn't much light in the kitchen. That almost always works better than the flash 'cause the flash I have anyway seems to flatten the food out and make strange shadows. Fortunately, food doesn't move much. Have you tried using the iPad to take photos? I really like hipstamatic app for food images, but it doesn't do as well in low light, it's true.

    Good luck with your bread adventure, it certainly is fun to watch!