Sunday, January 8, 2012

Grandpas are for fun!

While we were in Ohio for Christmas, we took a quick trip to my grandparents to have dinner. Joining us were my dad, and his lovely lady Mary! My dad for some time has been longing to play with our little malia! Now that her phobia of people is starting to go away, this is a little easier for him. Let me just say, be careful what you ask for!! Malia had my poor dad doing pull ups for an hour straight! Him wanting to eat up every moment wouldn't stop even though you knew good and well he was getting tired! Malia really enjoyed her time with her grandpa!
Here, you can see the attention starved ms. Huckabee trying to get in on the action. My dad also has a way with dogs...they all seem to think he is theirs...anyway, surprisingly my dad was not sore the next day! 

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