Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mommies helper

If you didn't know, Malia is almost 3 now which makes her a big girl! And being a big girl means taking on big girl responsibilities! She's tall enough to reach the door handle and just recently learned how to OPEN the door! Very exciting milestone for her. I wonder how long it will be before she tries to open her bedroom door to escape nap time, or bed time....

Today she wanted to help me clean up. So, with Ella down for her morning nap, together we tackled the kitchen. Here she's taking the recycles to the laundry room...

Time to open that door


All done! What a big helper!

Now on to the dishes. She likes to help mommy and daddy with this a lot...and when I say help, I mean she likes to play in the water.

Here she's actually helping by putting the plates in the drying rack...really to hurry me along so she can have cups and bowls to play with.

She did it right!! She's growing so quickly!

Notice the apron ;)


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  1. Glad she is so eager to help out her busy mom. :-) was nice to see y'all yesterday! Xo