Monday, November 5, 2012

What's in a year?

Time flies when your having fun! 2 kids and practically working somewhere around 4 jobs! (Teeter, kids, houses, lawns etc...)


Here is just a glimpse of what a year holds

The photo on the left is malia last year at the pumpkin patch. And on the right is this year! Its really neat to watch your kids grow and develop. Seeing features that resemble David or me, personality's a lot of fun!















This is what just 3 months holds! Time is a precious thing.


  1. busy, busy, good that you can find the time to realize where you are and where you've been!

  2. Good comparison photos. It's amazing how fast they change and she sure is blooming into a beautiful baby girl. Better tell daddy he needs a double barreled shotgun now that he has double the trouble.