Saturday, September 29, 2012

The artist at work

It's a dreary drizzly day here in concord...but that didn't stop our artist from her work. But, instead of markers, crayons and pens, she took to the wet sidewalk chalk that was forgotten about until the rain. So now, the chalk is more like a solid form of paint.

As you can see here, she starts at the back porch with lovely reds and blues, then moves on to the dog with beautiful blues, greens and a creamy white ( which actually was drywall putty from her daddy's pan that was left out! Momma had to stop her or we would be sanding down poor Barkley!). Then she's off to the flower pots and then the garage!

But here, her masterpiece! The trunk of this tree has never looked so spectacular! From top to bottom it's just beautiful.


Here is the artist, showing her work.



  1. She's cute! Her hair is a work of art too!

  2. ha, Barkley didn't know how sad that would have been!