Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Well, my days are a little more hectic now :) but in a good way. Every day has its challenges, but I love being with my girls. Being around everyday I notice how much and how quickly they change. Time flies and before I know it, my little Ella will be 2 1/2.


Today I had a little downtime with Ella napping. While browsing around on pinterest (my breast feeding companion!) I came across a recipe for playdough. I loved playing with it when I was little, so I figured malia might enjoy it as well.
It was super easy and cheap to make! And malia was really into it as I had hoped! Here she's counting how many we have.

and here we made daddy a cheese burger :)

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  1. fun! not sure how tasty they burger will be, but it looks great! :-)