Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Going crazy?

Becoming a mom opens up a whole new world full of new things. Things that before you became a mother you never thought about. One of those things for me, and I assume for most parents is packing for a trip. Now, malia is 2 and has been on a number of trips since she's been born, and yes I'll admit it has taken me this long to figure out that the more organized you are, the easier life is while you are gone. (or anywhere for that matter!)

As usual I was browsing around on pintrest and saw a few tips on how to be an organized packer. So, I gave It a try, this is what I came up with...

Ziplock bags. A wonderful invention! A bag with an outfit for each day, one for shoes, one for accessories etc...this may just be a little overboard for some, but I have to say it eliminated the "where the heck did I out that?, I can't find this" etc... And, made for more packing space since everything isn't shoved in the bag.

It's that time to start packing for the beach, so break out the ziplock bags! Don't worry, I reuse them!

4 days......

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  1. I love ziplock bags for packing! plus, you'll keep the wet and/or sand out of the clean clothes! The 2.5 gallon size are awesome for adult size things. My bag has little mesh cube/bags for this smae kind of thing... It only works for me if I spend the time up-front when I'm packing, which I am not always good at. :-)