Saturday, May 19, 2012

Organization cont...

Here we are again. Yet another crazy cabinet that can bring on a bad mood with the tug of a cookie sheet. Literally. I had organized the top a long time ago successfully (surprise), so that needed no attention. What you see here is just a pile of madness. I would carefully lean all the flat stuff up against the side of the cabinet, then strategically place pots and pans beside them to keep them from slipping or falling over. Ok, who has time for jenga type game when putting the dishes away, or just simply wants a cutting board? well, not me. I had had it!

I found this pan divider at Walmart when shopping for baskets for the kitchen sink. David secured it down for me, and just like that, the cabinet is organized. This one was easier than the last. I thought about lining the bottom, but it was getting late and dinner needed to be made. I can do that another day!

And on I go to the next.....

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